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Stay Safe!

Besides washing your hands a bazillion times, use a mask if you got one or make one…especially if & when you head into stores! Covid-19 is airborne 1st & foremost!

The US today has the highest number of cases in the world (142,000 +) and almost 20% of all the cases globally (721,000 +).

For anyone thinking this all is “blown out of proportion”…I say…look at the numbers! And they go up daily…these aren’t even the full statistics!

Take notice of anyone around you who isn’t taking this disease seriously…that just boggles the mind!

Steer clear of them all for a long time. I’m sure many of them will end up passing it around.

Not only is it ramping up throughout the world populous but this country is getting it’s butt kicked with much, much more to come!

I for one do not want to have family & friends become infected with, nor succumb to, this invisible microscopic killer.


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