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A Brief Introduction:

Welcome to the Alaska Naturally website, home of the Aurora Collection and Alaska Collection Prints, Images, and Photography, the Aurora Watch, and the Aurora Show. This site is dedicated to the prints, photography and images made by Dave Parkhurst in Alaska. These include his primary photographs and prints of the Aurora Borealis commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, and those of Alaskan nature. His company, Alaska Naturally, has taken countless hours of work, and has resulted in hundreds of photographs and images, the best of which are available to you for purchase as prints in varying sizes. Image prints, books, DVD and VHS video, and calendars of his photographs are available. There is a gallery for each photograph type and format. Northern Lights imagery is of course Dave's specialty, but his other prints are just as impressive as his photographs of the Northern Lights

All of the photographs and images you see in the gallery under "Purchase Prints" are available for your pleasure in various sizes.

Also, Dave has two unique Aurora experiences, being the Aurora Show, and the Aurora Watch. The Aurora Show is a digital presentation shown primarily in Alaska, but is also available on DVD and VHS. It contains many of Dave's most famous northern lights images. The majority of these are available as prints in the "Purchase Prints" section.

The Aurora Watch, is a tour that Dave himself heads to go up into the Alaskan wild to see the Aurora in all of its natural beauty. This tour consists of groups that basically do exactly what he does as a career, with a main goal of photographing the Aurora Borealis. The tour itself can be custom tailored to most budgets, so the tour truly will be an experience you will always remember, while not necessarily draining the wallet. Also, he may even give you tips to make your own gorgeous prints! This is truly the best and only genuine way of experiencing the northern lights, so you should be sure to book now as space is limited.

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