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A brief Introduction

The Aurora Photo That Started It All:


After an 11-hour vigil across the Copper River Delta and the Chugach Mountains, 4:30am brought the promise of something rare and wonderful.  As the full moon set over western Prince William Sound casting its sweet light on the peaks of the Heney Range, the center of night straight overhead began to pulsate with an eerie red. Within seconds the corona began to expand across the sky like a dome. The snow reflected the intense red and pink of the aurora as it built up to a frenzy of movement and structure. The rare scene encircled the entire sky like an umbrella for 4 heart-pounding minutes from start to finish...then vanished abruptly, leaving no clue that such a stunning display of nature had filled the Heavens. The people in the coastal town of Cordova, Alaska slept quietly, unaware of the magnificent natural wonder dancing above them.


Cordova Red Aurora
© Feb 4th - 5th, 1981

This powerful image is the first successful photograph that started the “chase” for all the rare images of The Aurora Collection™, allowing the collection to become what it is today. After being told it was impossible to capture the Aurora on film, the challenge was on. It took approximately one year, March 1980 to February 1981, 100 rolls of films, with numerous hours of unending patience just to get this first image. And, the rest, as they say is history! 

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