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A brief Introduction


Welcome to the Aurora Collection™ website, home of the ‘Aurora Collection’™ and ‘Alaska Collection’™ Photography and the ‘Aurora Show’®. This site is dedicated to Collector Prints and Stock Images photographed by Dave Parkhurst of Alaska since 1981. These include his primary photographs and prints of the Aurora Borealis, commonly referred to as the Northern Lights, and those of Alaskan nature. His company, Alaska Naturally, Inc., has grown over decades of patience and hard work, resulting in thousands of rare photographs, the best of which are available for purchase as prints. All of the photographs and images you see in the galleries are available in various sizes.


Dave has also produced a very unique Aurora experience; ‘AurorA – Alaska’s Great Northern Lights’™, also referred to as the ‘Aurora Show’®. During Alaska’s brightly lit summer days and nights, the aurora cannot be seen because there is no “night”. It is because of this phenomenon that Dave created ‘The AurorA Show®’ to share the grandeur of Alaska’s winter light displays with visitors and locals alike. The Aurora Show ® is a high definition Blu-Ray® digital presentation shown for 101 days straight in the classy and comfortable Sydney Laurence Theatre at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts all summer long. Many of Dave's most famous northern lights images come alive at the Aurora Show®. The season opens on May 24th continues through September 1st, 10 am – 8 pm, at the top of every hour. Should you miss the big screen experience, the exact presentation is also available on standard DVD or high definition BluRay® disk.


The Aurora Borealis is the greatest natural light  phenomenon above the polar regions of our Earth. Alaska is situated right under a vast expanse of the auroral oval where displays are enjoyed in our skies 150-200+ nights a year. Alaska’s dark, crystal-clear winter skies also provide for magnificent views of aurora against the northern constellations and Alaska's grand scenery as a backdrop. The Aurora Collection™ has been growing every winter since 1981, each year adding to it the best & rarest historical auroral displays Alaska offers. Rare collector’s prints & products are available on this site. Please browse & enjoy these rare images.



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