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Purple Mountain Majesty

3 Winners: Vickie D, Morganton NC, Kim A Palm Springs FL, Rich S. of E. Elmhurst NY

- Late spring in Alaska draws twilight around the northern horizon all “night” and never really achieves total darkness.  There remains an edge at twilight though that allows for a view into the Heavens, letting the star-fields shine through and aurora to dance among them.  That combination of sweet-light only occurs for a very short time.  At 2:35 am that window was open and an outstanding vibrant auroral display filled the skies over Alaska to complete the scene.  Chugach Mountain peaks reflect the subtle glow in the snow-cover while standing in bold silhouette.  The building melt-waters of the rivers and streams echo the blend.  As the wondrous scene built up to an explosion of purples, greens and blues it became the classic unfolding moment of Purple Mountain Majesty.


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