Tidal World

Across the globe, tidal zones of the marine environment are collectively their own little worlds.

Depending on water temperatures and the make-up of the shoreline, an amazing arrangement of little creatures call it ‘home’.

The images below are taken in Prince William Sound and Gustavus, Alaska.

Top left-clockwise: Tiny and delicate Sea Anemone about the size of a quarter.

Sand Dollars have shell patterns and shapes that are unique as your fingerprints.

The brilliant 5-arm Vermillion Star briefly set on clear glacier ice for contrast.

Another tiny and delicate Sea Anemone but very well-camouflaged in the sand.

This intricate little jellyfish is less than a ¼ inch long, just a speck in the countless macro-zooplankton that exists in all oceans.

A deep blue and purple colored Morning Sun Star, with 15 legs, crawls in the eel grass and sand above low tide.

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