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Denali South Face

The great massif of Denali, at just over 3.8 miles high, never ceases to amaze the observer. It is the Jewel of the North!

Due to its remarkable height, its summit is first and last to be struck by the rising and setting sun.

With the low-angle sun in the higher latitudes of the north country, light and shadow play across the face in ever-changing moods.

Seasonal changes with the location of sunrise and sunset also continually offer up unsurpassed lighting conditions.

Most of the year it is the South Face that receives this light because the North Face remains primarily in shadow during the winter season.

Generally between the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, when the sun runs and surpasses an East/West arc, the North Face will be struck by similar lighting.

This remarkable mountain is indeed a timeless wonder!


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