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Owl & Raven

The Northern Hawk Owl is a medium-size little owl averaging about 14-16 inches long, have a wingspan of 18 inches & weigh in at a whopping 11 ounces.

They have beautiful plumage, are one of the few owls that are only active during the day & are non-migratory, staying within its breeding range.

So…you’re just hanging around on a twig one afternoon minding your own business & enjoying a sunny spring day…then all that changes!

Along comes the incredibly intelligent & cantankerous Raven for a little harassment & dive bombing, bringing some excitement to the moment.

Little Hawk Owl was fairly tolerant for a long time, leaning back on its little branch as best it could with each lunge from Raven.

However, Raven finally crossed the proverbial line & Owl pitched forward with an aerial attack of its own with razor-sharp talons raised.

This really surprised Raven a LOT as it watched a few of its feathers float away in the wind, more than likely raising its blood pressure several notches.

Raven made loud raucous calls at a much greater distance before it flew on, deciding it was a good time to leave the little one alone.

Owl sat back on its twig for a moment puffed-up & posturing…eventually flying off with the smoothness & grace-of-flight that befits a regal owl.


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