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Cat 3 Hurricane Force Storms

I always find it amazing…but not surprising!

Alaska has three Category 3 hurricane-force storms arriving, altogether larger than the entire lower 48 States.

The NWS “hazard map” is lit up like a Christmas tree!!!

But because “a bazillion people” aren’t “at risk”…these storms aren’t worth mentioning except in our local media!

Never mind that these very storms will push the colder arctic air mass out of Canada southward & put a “bazillion people at risk”!

It seems Alaska has to have a big earthquake with over 6000 after-shocks to get any notice of our immense natural forces at work!

With severe wind-chills & 33 foot seas predicted (and surely much larger waves) I hope all our Coastal & Interior folks, fisher-people & passing vessels endure it all safely.

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