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Super Typhoon Magkhut

So yes, the East Coast is going to get Hurricane Florence…granted it’s a big one & will surely have some serious damage accompanying it! And, it’s a US media event as well!

But…where’s the news about Super Typhoon Mangkhut about to smash into the Philippines, Hong Kong & the Asian coastline?

Building infrastructure, advanced warning systems & evacuation is much better in the US than in this part of the world…millions can’t just pack up & “escape to safety”!

As vicious cyclonic winds often are…this huge monster has maximum winds of 287 kph or about 172 mph! That’s a Category 5+ on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale!

And tropical rain accumulations will be staggering…along with violent lightning & thunder that will vibrate your chest!

This mega-cyclone will affect more people in its path than the entire population of the USA…of which many US citizens have family & friends in these locations!

We ARE a connected WORLD population now more than ever before! My heart goes out to those that will not make it through this one!

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