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Winner of Name this Photo Contest

Dec 2017 Name That Photo Contest

The judges have submitted their final title selection for the Name That Photo Contest.

The winning title is: “Midnight Rainbow”!

© October 25th, 2016

“…Beautiful vibrant auroral curtains fill Alaskan night skies with a pulsating rainbow of colors, dwarfing the great volcanic peaks of Mt. Sanford (left-16,237 ft.) and Mt. Drum (right-12,010 ft.), which stand boldly in the heart of the 13.2 million acre Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park & Preserve. The sheets of ethereal light surge hundreds of miles above Earth, encircling the land in breath-taking silence. Shining through the radiant display, only the brightest stars show their intensity from light-years afar. Thick ice fog, emerging in the foreground above open leads in the frozen Copper River and far below the cliff viewpoint, slowly coats the endless boreal forests across the vast wilderness of the Copper River Basin with sparkling hoar frost…”

Winner of the December 2017 Name That Photo Contest.

The judges have submitted their final winning title selection for the contest.

The winning title is: "Midnight Rainbow"!

Rebecca M. of Lansing Michigan is the winner & will receive a custom 12” x 18” print of this image.

Remember that TWO submissions are the limit and worldwide submissions are eligible!

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