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Hope this stays away!

Tired of shoveling the abundant snow-load already this winter (69.1 inches measurable so far)? Get ready for a possible warming trend!

Here’s what’s out in the Bering Sea heading NE today heading to Alaska! If this storm weakens over colder seas it may not be so bad…but it may just cover the entire state…in fact it’s much bigger than the entire state!

It’s fairly ramped up with very tight gradient lines! 70-90 kt gusts & 30+ foot seas! That really means 100-120 kt gusts with the occasional 50+ foot rogue waves sweeping by…or even bigger!

Even a slightly more powerful low (not on the plot yet) moves in behind it @ 948 Mb…(about a category 3 hurricane)! These types of vigorous storms can take ships down or melt away several feet of snow in a day!

The Google Earth image offers a humbling view & attests to its impressive size, reaching from the northern Hawaiian Islands to inland Russia & China! It’s about 2,700 miles long by 1,500 miles wide across its center!

Though never sure how it will ultimately affect Alaska….it may die out…or it may intensify…just do be aware it’s out there though & have some sand, gravel &/or ice melt in store!

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