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Belt of Venus

What an amazing world we live in! Natural wonders abound, appear briefly & when least expected!

Here is a view of this October’s fullmoon-rise (about 7 hours before 99.7%) over a few lofty peaks of the Clearwater Mountains!

The pinkish sky-edge is called the “Belt of Venus”. This is where the remaining sunlight scatters through our atmosphere & the shadow of Earth (below the pink) extends through into space.

This is best viewed in panorama (below) later than the initial moonrise. This is when the deep rich hues of twilight are defined.

This scene is looking across the Monahan Flat towards the massive delta watershed of the West Fork, East Fork & Susitna Glacier Rivers & headwaters of the great Susitna River.

The shadows @ left of center are the anti-crepuscular rays/shadows of the north & south summits of Denali & probably Mt. Foraker (far to the west) shooting out into space.

The big peaks in the foreground (left-to-right) are Mt. Deborah, Hess (Righty next to Deborah), Hayes, Moffit & McGinnis Peak of the eastern Alaska Range & Valdez Creek Mine and the Clearwater Mountains.

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