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Over Our Heads

It’s an amazing world we live in! Sometimes, as a reminder, it’s good to take a peek at just what’s out there in the ‘Grand Design’ that is happening over our heads…!

These sky images were taken this morning with a 600mm lens…and of course one wide-angle of the aurora!


Planet Jupiter shows off the 4 largest of its 67 confirmed moons.

Though the moons are barely visible with good binoculars, a long telephoto lens or telescope is best!

The full moon will occur this coming morning (Feb 4) at 1:29 am @ a 99.7% brightness!

Comet Lovejoy is visible with binoculars as a glowing “fuzz-ball” but isn’t expected to form a long tail at this point in its journey.

…And of course, closer to Earth, small auroral displays above the frigid & foggy, moonlit mountains and valleys.

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