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Wow! Next time you’re standing out under the stars pondering the Wonders of the Universe & it’s ONLY -20° to -30°F…you might wanna’ just peel off a layer or two!

These extremes just can’t be claimed as “global warming” no matter how you shuffle it! These are ambient air temps…no wind chill involved!

30 years later, the record in ’83 is well beaten…twice! Absolutely damn cold…on all three counts below!

I always knew that Vostok, Antarctica almost always holds the daily low world temperature during the Antarctic winter…often -90°F to -100°F!

The early Antarctic explorers, including good ol’ Norman Vaughn, were as tough as they come!

These extravagant temps aren’t even fathomable to the human population! This is colder than the air outside your jetliner @ 35,ooo ft.…TWICE as cold!

Poor penguins…how brutal for them! Of course it’s “warmer” down in the “lowlands” in the penguin colonies…probably only -100°F!

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