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“Grant Creek Wolves”

© 2012

“…After a lengthy unsuccessful chase after a caribou through Highway Pass these teenage sub-adults of the Grant Creek Pack in Denali National Park and Preserve work off a bit of leftover adrenalin as they played, chased and bumped into each other for another hour before settling in for a two hour nap. When the alpha female woke them she put forth a silent signal and led them at a constant run for over 12 miles stopping only to mark their path. Upon arriving at the cliffs at the western end of Thorofare Pass looking out over the Thorofare River Delta they regrouped having been spread apart from each other. Another silent gesture from the alpha female and the pack bolted downhill and disappeared. This foursome will hopefully endure and learn from the rigors of the coming winter in their ever present push for survival in Denali National Park…”

We have halted all international orders due to the high cost of postage for the time being.  Please email us with your questions or concerns. 

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