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“First Summer”

© 2007

“…Thorofare Pass in Denali National Park and Preserve is a broad expanse of glacial plateaus and benches marking a passage through the northern Alaska Range running east to west. Its altitude ranges from about 2000 feet in the lower river bars to about 4000 feet on its lower slopes, then much steeper from that point. A variety of wildlife lives and migrates throughout the area, with its lush vegetation and access to multitudes of valleys and canyons north & south. This is also home to the interior grizzlies. A valley in the clouds hides many scenes. This magnificent trio appeared over a hill as the clouds partially lifted. The sow with her twin spring cubs will wander miles upon miles through this country teaching them all she knows and protecting them passionately as they grow. While Mom foraged here & there for food the twins engaged in play fights & romped in the wildflowers, occasionally watching her intensely as she dug for ground squirrels. Momentarily the clouds returned and the bears vanished in the mist..."

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