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“Earth & Sky”

© October 30/31st, 2003

“…A thousand feet below the ageless bluffs of the Copper River Basin, the mighty Copper River winds its way to the sea, despite the efforts of winter to freeze it motionless. Eerie wisps of steam rise off its entire surface, as slush ice forms and grinds against the river’s edge. Moonless skies allowed the great northern starfields to shine stark and crystalline, adding a rich clarity to the Alaskan night. Shortly after midnight a very rare and beautiful multi-colored aurora unfolds from hundreds of miles above the earth, over the lofty peaks of the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountains with cloudless 12,010 foot Mt. Drum a lone sentinel in the distance, a part of the magnificent scene, as it has been for countless millennia before. A single light from the cabin on the riverbank glows warmly, its occupants completely unaware of the grand display playing just outside their door…”

We have halted all international orders due to the high cost of postage for the time being.  Please email us with your questions or concerns. 

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