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“Alaska Runs Deep”

© October 25th, 2016

Very rare multicolored aurora gathers to the east, coloring the edge of space with vibrant pulsating pastels, shrinking the volcanic peaks of Mt. Sanford (at left-16,237 ft.), Mt. Drum (center-12,010 ft.), Mt. Wrangell (right-12,610 ft.) and Mt. Blackburn (far right-16,390 ft.), which stand in the heart of the 13.2 million acre Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park & Preserve.  Enormous auroral spires of lavender and green rise hundreds of miles above Earth, surging in sheets and whirling in breath-taking silence through the crystal clear night.  Beyond the enchanting translucent lights, the stars add their pinpoint brilliance from light-years away.  Low moonrise imparts its radiance on the roof of thick ice fog forming above open leads in the Copper River 300 feet below, as it slowly blankets the forests of the amazing Copper River Basin with crystalline hoar frost.

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