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“The Gathering”

© November 24th, 2016

Within our physical world there are events that are predestined over the countless ages to gather in natural harmony for very brief moments.  Within this rare scene many natural forces have evolved to form one such moment.  Over millions of years the colossal peaks of the central Alaska Range, Mt. Foraker, Hunter and Denali, were pushed up ever higher by plate tectonics.  Throughout time, multiple ice ages have come and gone, grinding and carving the lowlands and mountains to the sea with glaciers and floods.  Our sun, the ultimate “generator”, has been controlling all aspects of Earth with its unbelievable power.  Clear and crisp moonless skies allow for a window to the heavens, while the Alaska Range reaches for a sky pulsating with rare multicolored pastel aurora across the night.  At this moment, the great Susitna River dams up solid with ice, as winter grips the landscape in extraordinary silence. These gathering forces are only in sync for a tiny fraction of time, leaving anyone who experiences such grandeur completely awestruck.

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