April 9, 2017

What I have only just now identified as a male “Sharp Shinned Hawk” stopped by our bird feeders (without success) for a brief visit…we’re really just feeding the “birds”!

What an awesome and regal little Bird-of-Prey!

April 9, 2017

It can be hard “making a living” for an immature Alaskan Bald Eagle!

Often they get hassled until they move on.  Magpies & Ravens have a grand time with Eagles…Ravens will even break off branches (3rd pic) and hurl sticks at them.

But not without some due respect & safe...

April 9, 2017

Hi Everybody!

“Aurora Viewing Season” will soon be ending for the coming springtime as Alaska’s lengthening sunlight diminishes the night skies & our view into the Heavens!

I will be giving a free presentation on AurorA for the Alaska Society of Outdoor & Nature Photogra...

April 3, 2017

What a difference a few hours of lost sleep makes!  Twilight on March 26th through pre-dawn March 27th!  Enjoy!

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