November 23, 2013

Day or night…the “polar bear patrol” was constantly busy herding bears out of the village of Kaktovik & to the sea.


The bears didn’t really take kindly to being “chased & herded”, but the majority of them eventually move on.

Unfortunately a few stubborn bears that persi...

November 12, 2013

Play-fighting is part of the natural learning curve for younger Polar Bears.

When cubs play-fight it is typically “cute” & they rough up one another like cats playing.

When larger sub-adults play-fight there is a bit more seriousness in the “roughing-up” department.


November 11, 2013

The low Arctic sunset fringes this sow & cub in sweet light as they forage along the shore.

The lighting in the Arctic is unique & spectacular…especially when the clouds, fog & ground blizzards are gone!



November 7, 2013

Too close for comfort & an unnerving stare remind us slow little humans we are NOT at the top of the food chain in their presence!



November 5, 2013

A Mother Polar Bear has got to be the warmest & softest “bed” there ever could be!

This tender scene certainly reinforces the unconditional bond of mother & cub.

The area around her has been dug away of snow-cover & scooped out for a perfect comfortable fit for her.

The c...

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