October 31, 2013

A mother Polar Bear’s security & tenderness for her cub or cubs is absolutely everything in their world…every hour of every day!


Polar Bear cubs frequently nuzzle & lounge back against their mother and will often take brief “cat naps” before continuing “play-fighting”...

October 19, 2013

Polar Bear Cubs are quite active and enjoy their playtime…with one another…or with their Mama!

In this delicate moment the sow gently play-fights with her ‘ferocious’ cub while the twin cub passively looks on.

This is part of their defensive learning curve as young cubs,...

October 19, 2013

Polar Panoramas!

A mother keeps watch over her twin cubs (one sitting up on its haunches) as they forage the beach for snacks.


A mother & her cubs seek shelter from the cold winds on a bluff but remain cautious of the sow & her single cub bedded down to the far right....

October 18, 2013

Looking south from Homer over Kachemak Bay is the great coastline of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge & Kachemak Bay State Park.


A storm pushing up from the Gulf of Alaska collided with the very southern rib of the Kenai Mountains causing down-sloping winds...

October 16, 2013

One of the twin polar bear cubs snacks within the whale bone-pile but delicately demands some attention from mama.


She remains on full alert for any roaming males as the boars will often kill the cubs to send the sow back into estrous & pass on his genes.



October 12, 2013

The Polar Bears traveled around the village at night before & left their mark.

They were eventually moved on by the Village Bear Patrol after long chases.

One really doesn’t go out at night unaware or without firepower!



October 11, 2013

Offshore from the main Barter Island a large & healthy Polar Bear contemplates swimming to another barrier island.


While the inner tidal waters appear calm, beyond the distant third protective barrier island is the more turbulent Beaufort Sea.


All the bodies of water y...

October 8, 2013


Looking towards the far eastern barrier island a fiery sunrise illuminates the skies over the Beaufort Sea…nice colors!


To my surprise after reviewing this image closely, perhaps two miles away, a very large Polar Bear lumbered across the low island becoming part of t...

October 6, 2013

Look closely…in about a 90 degree sweep of the lens are a dozen Polar Bears!  In a full 200 degree sweep of the eye one could see over 20 at a time!


There are surely more as the ivory colored sleeping lumps of fur have single or twin cubs snuggled with them.

They nap li...

October 3, 2013

Throughout the Arctic seasons the moon, no matter what phase, rarely sets but makes a low pass in the north as it circles the sky.


In this delicate scene the rising moon competes with twilight as a Polar Bear sow with twin cubs tucked into her right take a moment.



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